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Replacing Arts, Sports and Music with Information Technology

Replacing Arts, Sports and Music with Information Technology

2 May, 2016

With the development of educational system, schools now are utilizing different technologies in educating students. For this reason, it is believed that Arts, Sports and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum and these are being replaced with Information Technology or other computer-related subjects. Several arguments are being presented regarding this issue. In my opinion, Arts, Sports and Music subjects should be removed from school curriculum.

To begin with, Arts, Sports and Music subjects have always been a part of school curriculum. Even before the advancements of technology were implemented in schools, these subjects were included to various reasons.

Here are some advantages of these subjects:

  1. Arts can develop students’ creativity. It is true that there are students who are not inclined with arts or not interested on it all but if they are taught on the different forms of arts, they will somehow develop their creativity in doing some activities.
  2. Sports can develop sportsmanship and camaraderie. This subject does not just educate students about the mechanics of games but it also teaches students how to play fair and make friends even with their opponents. In addition, it can also develop their social skills. They will be able to interact with people with different attitudes during a game.
  3. Music subject will provide students with a way to relieve stress. Teaching them how to appreciate music will help them relax when they are stressed from school.

However, we cannot ignore the fact the technology related subjects are essential in the job-market. It is undeniable that most jobs today require knowledge on computers. Data today are stored in computers and data entry on record books is already obsolete.  Therefore, removing Arts, Sports and Music school curriculum is somewhat beneficial

Here are some arguments supporting the removal of Arts, Sports and Music in school curriculum:

  1. Students will have more time learning up-to-date information about the recent technology. It is very well known that technology quickly upgrades so students need to know the changes that are happening, especially in computers and software. If students are not educated on these, it is possible that they will not be able to cope with the different changes in technology in the future. This may cause confusion when they start working.
  2. Arts, Sports and Music subjects can be learned at home. These subjects do not have complex principles that need to be paid attention to. Anyone can get still develop skills in these subjects by practicing at home during their free time.
  3. Arts, Sports and Music are somewhat not essential to students’ future career. These subjects are merely for leisure only.

In conclusion, despite the benefits of Arts, Sports and Music subjects, I support the removal of these subjects in school curriculum to give way for Information Technology or other computer-related subjects.