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Charging Foreign Students Higher Tuition Fees

Charging Foreign Students Higher Tuition Fees

3 August, 2016

When considering to studying abroad, many students always check how much they have to spend. They would like to enter the best universities with the lowest possible tuition fees. Despite all the inquiries, they have to accept that studying overseas is quite costly. Many universities charge international students higher fees than national students. There are reasons why universities implement this policy and this causes criticisms.

The policies on tuition fees vary from one university to another. However, it is common that when they accept foreign students, they require them to pay higher fees. One main reason for this is that the higher fee would cover the services exclusively for them. Since they are not citizens of the host country, they require monitoring and universities have to report to the government. Universities are somewhat obliged to ensure that the foreign students they have admitted have the proper documents or legal requirements. They also have to make sure that these students are well-oriented on the policies of the universities. Another reason is that universities have to provide foreign students with somewhat special treatment, especially if it is their first time arriving at the host country. There are instances that the international students are not fluent in speaking the language of the host country so there is a need to modify teaching strategies. In addition, universities have to assess and monitor their learning progress as well.

Although some may think that asking higher tuition fees among foreign students             is unfair but in my perspective, it is just for universities to implement such policy. Firstly, it is the university’s prerogative to decide how much they will charge international students. As mentioned earlier, different universities have different rules so students have to abide by these rules if they wish to enroll. Secondly, it is known that aside from imparting knowledge and skills to students, universities also need to generate profit to be able to provide students with the best learning experience and charging higher tuition fees on foreign students can produce more revenue.

Studying abroad definitely offers more than what domestic schools can but it also comes with a price. While there are still some inexpensive universities, the price is still higher compared to what locals are paying. What foreign students should consider is the quality of education. It might be costly but they should also check if it is worth their money. Well, it is always worth studying in a university overseas. Tuition fee is not really an issue for those who can afford it but for those who are on a scholarship or sponsorship, they can always work while studying.

To sum up, regarding the higher tuition fees charged on foreign students, it is impartial as again, it is the university’s policy and it depends on the students if they will agree to the terms and conditions of the university.