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Community Work as Part of School Curriculum

Community Work as Part of School Curriculum

7 July, 2016

Volunteering in a community is not actually necessary but  for people who are doing it, they feel a sense of fulfillment. However,  it is true that for students, community work is a burden. The main reason for this is the pressure from school requirements. Although it is considered an extra work for students, there are undeniably several benefits of integrating community work in school curriculum.

  1. Students will have a sense of responsibility. Once students are engaged in community services like cleaning the streets, they will realize the importance of maintaining cleanliness.
  2. Students will develop a sense of community. By getting involved in different community services, they will be able to interact with various people in their neighborhood, which is essential in making connections in the community.
  3. Promotes learning beyond the classroom. If community service is included in school curriculum, they will be able to apply what they have learned in the classroom. This will let them enhance their skills in certain fields.
  4. Team work will be developed among students. Volunteering usually requires working in groups. This way, students will learn how to work with others towards a goal. This will not only be useful in school but it will also be of great significance when they will work in the future.
  5. Engaging in community services will help when applying for a job. Including volunteer services in resumes gives potential employers an idea of how the applicant works. Volunteering gives important skills like problem solving, teamwork and ability to follow instructions, which are valuable to employers.
  6. Community service develops problem solving skills. When students participate in community services, they will face various issues in the community. This will make them think of possible solutions and work together to come up with plans and eventually implement it.
  7. Volunteering can be useful in applying for scholarships. Students can interact with people with connections and once they apply for scholarships, these people can make letters of recommendations. Aside from that, there are communities that offer scholarships to volunteers.
  8. Volunteering promotes physical and mental health. It is undeniable that engaging in community services makes students have a better mental and physical status. This is because they will have to physically work and their minds will be exercised when they think of possible solutions.

These are just few of the many benefits of community services. If all schools will integrate it their curriculums, students will not only learn the necessary academic knowledge but they will also be exposed to real life situations in the community. This will expose them to the different challenges they will meet after their school life.