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Defining Education

Defining Education

12 January, 2016

I believe education is one of the things that are being taken and adopted with many of the wrong concepts.

The nature of education and being educated is being almost vanished from the hearts of the teachers and from the minds of the students. Defining education been taken incorrectly that it had diluted the mind of students and mixed it with the material things like ‘only good performance (with no logic at all & even by the way cheating and copying) or the dreams of that high-paying job even when you have to do the wrong things (like tax evasion).

Defining Education

You may find many meanings of education but according to the definition given by Wikipedia, Education is:

“Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.”

I know this definition will not be comprehended easily by many readers. So, for the sake of the common man’s understanding, there are some ‘easy to understand’ definitions of Education with the same flavor.

Simple Definitions of Education

We can understand the real essence of education by reading and grasping the gist of any of the following explanations:

  1. The act or process that leads a person to have a better understanding of the situations in his life.
  2. The process of imparting and obtaining knowledge and training to grow one’s intellectual and mental capabilities, so as to make mature decisions in different situations.
  3. The learning process by which any knowledge can be acquired.
  4. An enlightening experience.

Whatever definition you may find interesting or accurate, one thing that must be noted is that the gist of all the above explanations for education lies in the passive idea of “Being educated”. Unfortunately, what I think has been the problem for many of our institutions is that they seemed to have forgotten the real pleasure of transferring, not only the books’ texts into their pupils’ brains, but the consciousness and sense that what the students are getting here, is not only limited to securing good grades and applying for a better job. The process of being educated is really far more precious and prestigious than only monetary terms.

This is my request and a responsibility to inform, guide, assist and carve a path for all the younger ones out there (and of course to all the teachers and managers of educational institutes), to please look at the bigger picture, do not get stuck with only getting good grades, or just that 6-8 hours that you are spending going to school or college and strutting back towards home. There is nothing to be proud of until you are tasting the real essence of education and that is only possible if you get the basic concept right, do some efforts apart from your teacher, do not go with the traditional way or the norms or the customs, if they are wrong.