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Discipline in Modern Schools: Who should Educate Children about it?

Discipline in Modern Schools: Who should Educate Children about it?

14 August, 2016

Discipline has always been an integral part of education. This is done to instill morality among children. Before children were disciplined rather harshly so that they will behave properly. However, due to the development of society, children’s bad actions are no longer addressed properly. Many issues have emerged such as psychological effects of punishment and so on. For this reason, discipline is now an increasing problem in modern schools. One major concern about discipline is whether it should be the duty of teachers or parents. Different arguments are raised towards this issue.

Why parents should teach their children about proper discipline

To begin with parents know their children best. They are always with their children since birth so they should know how and what to teach their kids. They know what works and what don’t when teaching their children. There are children who immediately listen to their parents while there are those who needs to be scolded several times before behaving.

In addition, parents should make sure that their kids know how to behave well before they step out into the world. Children should know the basic rules in the society and some social graces. Learning proper behaviors are essential in interacting with other people. This will prevent rudeness or hostility towards other children.

Finally, teaching children on proper discipline is a sign of good parenting. Before kids even learn how to read or write, they first learn how to do things correctly. If this is done by their parents, it would mean that they are effective parents. Children’s behaviors reflects how their parents raised them.

Why it is the teachers’ responsibility

Once children reach school age, they spend most of their time at school. Their parents are no longer there to tell them what is right or wrong. At school, teachers are responsible in making sure that the students are aware of the societal rules. This will make avoid issues when they enter the society.

Moreover, teachers are well-trained for this type of job. They have been educated to ensure that they can deal with different types fof students.  They have acquired strategies that can properly educate children about discipline. They know what method will work best for every student.

Educating discipline is not done in a short time. As children grow, they are exposed to different factors that could influence their behaviors. Teachers are the most effective personels to mold children into well-behaved people because almost all of the factors are found in schools. Teachers can observeevery student and evaluate them. This way, they can address any disciplinary issues that may arise. They also know how to handle children who have severe problems on proper discipline as there are children who cannot be controlled even by their parents.