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4 January, 2016

Education is now becoming flexible and fun. With educational technologies, the way we learn are indeed transforming. These promote individual learning and mobile learning, both teachers and students are gaining benefits. Some of the hindrances in education have been eliminated and students can learn anywhere, while teachers can easily reach their students. Technology is helping change education in a positive way.

It is true that future jobs will require every applicant to have some technological skills, so those who don’t know how to use various technological tools like computers and the Internet will be left behind.

The following are the benefits of technology to education

  1. Promotes Individual Learning and Research:Technology for education provides us with tools allowing us to learn on our own. Individual learning is good, because a student will not feel shy or embarrassed when they fail to learn some aspects. It also promotes individual study, helping students to deeply learn about a specific topic of interest. The use of computer-aided instructional tools also makes students stay in control of what they learn and when they make mistakes and they can correct them themselves without feeling embarrassed.
  2. Improves Writing and Reading Skills: Using computers in the classroom helps students learn how to write informative essays. Since these computers have word applications that have built-in dictionaries, students will find it easy to write essays or take notes using a computer. Also students can learn how to spell using English using vocabulary games. These educational games will present a student with simple and complex English games and puzzles for a student to solve, others may teach them how to pronounce specific English terms. Students will find that typing is more interesting than writing with a pen.
  3. Makes Educational Material Accessible:Educational materials are now accessible to anyone around the world. Technology has facilitated the growth of online education, which has helped many students from developing countries to get a chance to access valuable educational material.
  4. Improves Students Attitude Towards Learning:Since technology makes education fun, students do not get bored while studying. Students are encouraged to watch educational videos and play games to solve specific puzzles.
  5. Prepares Students For Change:Tomorrows job market will certainly require applicants to have technological skills so it is of great benefit if students use new technology for education in schools. Basic computers skills are now necessary in every job. Technology increases the possibility of students to get well-paying jobs in the future.
  6. Helps Students with Special Needs:These students are definitely the greatest beneficiaries of technological advancements in education. Students with special needs are able to learn better. For example, the use of iPad and robots helps students with autism to learn how to talk and spell. In most cases, these students have difficulties interacting with others while at school, but iPad are fun to use, so teachers equip these students with iPad that have educational contents.  According to research, a study found that students with Dyslexia learn how to read when they use computers in learning.