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Education and the Effects to Society

Education and the Effects to Society

3 January, 2016

Education plays a very significant role in transforming individuals.

It is one of the concrete sources of information and knowledge. Most importantly, it affects the society.
1] Preservation As Well As Imparting Social, Moral And Cultural Values.

Students will be introduced with social, moral and cultural values, making them familiar with values and ideals through various activities, games, story-telling and so on. Education makes them knowledgeable with the constitution and rules and regulations of citizens.
2] Awakening of Social feelings

Through education, individuals become aware about the meaning of unity, love, fraternity and other values. Education makes people feel a sense of belonging and how they can contribute to the world as society. People are taught with values and life skills and thus they develop concern for society including social mindedness, learning to be, learning to do, learning to know and learning to live together via different activities.

3] Political Development Of Society
Education makes all aware about rights and duties of every person, which are their responsibilities and duties so that they can develop their sense of community. Through different lessons of political leaders and stories, education develops ideal leadership quality so that future citizens can lead the state as a society.

4] Economic Development Of Society
With the help of education, individuals develop skills to make them productive citizens. Through education, everyone learns how to get employed and earn money. Because of education people migrate in other countries and their earning helps to develop a society, country. Thus education affects the economic development of society.

5] Social Control
Education increases awareness on customs and duties the same so that people will know how to preserve their lives. People are also made familiar with crimes and their punishments. Thus, education provides a guideline for everyone that is why it controls all society. Because of education, social stability is maintained

6] Social Changes and Reforms
It is true that some beliefs have adverse effect to people. Through education, everyone learns to outgrow these beliefs. Citizens are modernized so that they can have a better life. Education makes all aware about how to live peacefully and how to face difficulties on their lives. It is undeniable that societies before are primitive and lawless. There are no set of rules for citizens to follow. However, as people give more importance to education, societies were slowly changed and citizens became more humane.

7] Socialization of a Child
Education trains the mind of children and it teaches them how to inculcate values in their life. It makes them understand what society is, how to be part of it, what their roles in society are, how they should behave and how they should interact with others. Education helps actually helps children understand who they are. And it develops a sense of social being in them.
Thus, education produces productive citizens, helping everyone to flourish and makes them ideal citizens of a society.