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Why Education is Important to a Country’s Future

Why Education is Important to a Country’s Future

13 August, 2016

When it comes to government priorities, many countries emphasize on education. Of course all sectors are important but the government has priorities. For many, the most important sector that could greatly affect a country’s future is education. There are several reasons why education is important.

Significance of Education

Why there is nothing more significant to a country’s development is based on the following ideas:

  1. Educated citizens lowers unemployment rate. Whether a degree or vocational course, being educated is essential in getting a job. No employer will hire someone who doesn’t have any training or degree or any knowledge on anything. Also, this would lessen the country’s burden for less money will be allocated for supporting unemployed individuals.
  2. Focusing on education will improve a country’s economy. If citizens are employed, they could contribute to a country’s budget with their tax and taxes provide funds to every government project.
  3. Education makes people competitive. The main reason the government focuses on education is to make sure that its citizens have the knowledge and skills that can help them have cope with the modern world. It is important that a country is not left behind in terms of essential competencies.
  4. Education can improve people’s standard of living. The government puts education first on the list so that people can make their lives better. People’s condition reflects the progress of a country. If many people are still struggling just to make ends meet, it would mean that a country is not successful.

Nevertheless, there are those who believe that education is not the most significant aspect for a country’s development. One of their reasons is that not all educated people today are unemployed. There are countries now that are under recession and many workers were laid out as a result. Another reason is that investing in international trade can better develop a country. The government can earn more revenue by exchanging products with other countries.

The future of a country largely depends on the current situation of a country. Education can be the most important for some who are falling behind the modern world. It is undeniable that the Western countries are successful today because of putting great importance to education before. Now, these countries are the centers of education.

For the developed countries, education might not be the priority but there are more underdeveloped countries today. By concentrating on education, countries can definitely pave their way to success. When this is met, they can turn their attention to other factors for development.

Education is indeed significant for it can make every individual self-sufficient. A country cannot succeed if its citizens are having difficulties in meeting their daily needs.